June 12, 2014
Swedish Pharma AB wins the first prize "The Entrepreneur of the future”, a prize by Svenska Dagbladet (the second largest daily newspaper in Sweden), and Carnegie investment bank. A nationwide challenge with 120 companies competing.

Swedish Pharma AB wins the "The innovation prize”, Örebro City business award.

Motivation: “Swedish Pharma’s innovation is of such a magnitude that enclosed in a simple plaster, it has the potential to solve health problems for millions of individuals worldwide”.

Featured Product

Drug delivery with the "Smart Patch"

Swedish Pharma holds the global rights for all use of an innovative patch for transdermal drug delivery. The patch has the following attractive features:
  • Attaches firmly to both wet (mucosa)and dry (skin) surfaces
  • Attachment time can be varied from hours to many days
  • Multilayed patches allows for time delayed release of one or several water-soluble active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)
  • The patch can be used as a bandage with unique properties
  • The backing layer be can soluble (and edible) or insoluble but air permeable
  • Unique manufacturing technique reduces cost significantly

smart patch